David Benedict

DavidBenedict2sqOriginally from Clemson, South Carolina, mandolinist David Benedict is a performer and composer seeking to blend tradition and innovation through his music. At an early age, David was intrigued by the distinct sound of the mandolin. This fascination eventually led him to fall in love with the rich aural music traditions of the instrument and set him on a lifelong path in pursuit of this music. Since then, David has been selected to learn personally from world-class acoustic musicians at several exclusive prestigious mentorship programs. In December 2013, he graduated with a unique degree in mandolin music performance from Bryan College in Tennessee where he studied with Grammy-nominated mandolinist, Matt Flinner.

Over the years, David’s broad tastes have led him to push the conventional boundaries of the mandolin by exploring a variety of musical styles. Although his roots and influences are primarily based in the bluegrass and Celtic traditions, he is also an accomplished performer of classical and jazz mandolin. David has also been observed to have a “…broad sense of composition and a sensitivity of style that is soulful, yet clear and beautiful.” This distinct creative style is displayed in his recently recorded debut album of original acoustic instrumental music set for release in early 2014. Moreover, David’s creativity and passion for music are evident in his performances across the Southeast. Watching David perform leaves no doubt that he is doing what he loves.