Conrad Ma

Conrad Ma pic1sqBorn and raised in Yantai, Shandong in China, Conrad Ma was drawn to beatboxing from the very first moment he encountered it at the young age of eleven. Since then he has been both an avid fan and practitioner, dedicating all of his free time to perfecting this form of vocal percussion
Conrad Ma is a high school junior attending Christ School Arden N.C U.S.
Having been beat boxing for six years, Conrad is not only able to make classical beat boxing (various drum effect) but also to develop his own beat box specialty: making six sounds at the same time and other special sound effect (like water, owl, car, helicopter and electronic sound effect etc…)
In Conrad’s opinion, Beat box represents the infinite potential of human voice.

Brief experience of Conrad beat box since 2013:
-the champion for Chinese Teens Beat Box 2013.
-beat box for the BMW and “Range Rover and Jaguar” commercial activity during the summer in 2013.
-For classic/hip-hop merge, Conrad has collaborated with Asheville Symphony to make a concert for the young and 2000 people attended concert.
-interviewed by the Chinese YTTV to talk about making six sounds at the same time.
-Interviewed by WFMU to talk about the development of beat boxing between Asia and U.S in New York City
-devoted to social service and beat boxing promotion:
*did charity shows in Yantai with famous violinist Jun Yu in China and raised 75,200 RMB (Chinese Currency) at “Gerocomium Night 2013”
*performed and helped fundraising for the “Walk to end Alzheimer’s in Asheville” 2013 public event.
*aimed to promote beat boxing and produced 22 tutorial videos for beginners on youtube. Beat box is portable and accessible, people don’t need to buy expensive instruments, instead they can just bring the skills wherever they go and beat box whenever they feel like.