Features on past presenters and what they’re up to nowadays.

by Precious Bivings I was first introduced to TEDxGreenville by Maxim Williams, a former TedxGreenville speaker and program team member. On first sight I thought “yep that’s not anything I would ever do” simply because it seemed out of my league or more out of my reach. Fast forward to about 2 years later. I
It’s been five years since Tyler Kellogg shared his idea worth spreading at TEDxGreenville’s inaugural event, but his message as a 21-year old Tyler Do Good continues to resonate. Instead of signing on for a typical summer job, he embarked on a journey of performing 115 acts of kindness. He promoted the idea that you
“Hello, my name is Maxim and my talk is going to be about how much I hate the Golden Rule” That’s how this dear friend of Greenville started his TEDx talk in our inaugural event back in 2010. It was our first ever TEDx event in Greenville, and the atmosphere there at the CU-ICAR theatre
One of the most memorable performances in recent TEDxGreenville history came from a group of students from the Greenville Fine Arts Center. The classical music quintet performed the Scherzo from the Piano Quintet in A Major (The Trout) by Franz Schubert at TEDxGreenville 2011. These were not just your average students, as was easily apparent

Glenis Redmond: Where Is She Now?

Following her 2012 TEDxGreenville talk, nationally renowned poet, Glenis Redmond, was selected as The Peace Center’s Poet-in-Residence, a position designed to focus on using poetry to engage Greenville citizens in creative expression. One of her first projects was Peace Voices: The literary and performance poetry branch of The Peace Center’s Peace Outreach Program. The mission
It was 2011, and I was invited to attend an intriguing event called TEDxGreenville. I was somewhat familiar with TED talks online but had never experienced them live. I found myself taking a full dive into the magic that the harmony of ideas, images, and the energy bubbling in the audience created. The slate of
The year was 1972 and I moved to Greenville and found a little gem of a jazz club named Art Ark. It was on Marquette just off Academy. It was owned and operated by two brothers, one the host and bartender, the other the cook. This club was way ahead of its time: It had

Max Strom: Where Is He Now?

It’s been over three years now since I first heard of Max Strom. At the time he was just another TEDx nominee that came in via the web. We did our due diligence, speaking to the nominator (bravo, Victor Chen!) and watching what online videos of him were available at that time. These initial inputs

Caleb Suttles: Where Is He Now?

I presented at TEDxGreenville 2012, speaking about my debut feature length film Pre-Do: Foresight in 20/20. The day’s theme was ‘breakthrough’ and, appropriately, my talk recounted the lessons I had learned from interviewing senior citizens about their regrets for the film, and my commitment to avoid regret and fulfill my aspirations in my own life.

Marsha Wallace: Where Is She Now?

You may remember me from TEDxGreenville 2011.  It was an honor to speak about my passion, The Power of Collective Action, as realized through my story of starting a non-profit, Dining For Women.  You may even have wondered, so what is she up to?  Where is she now? In 2011, Dining for Women (DFW) had about

Ian Curcio: Where is he now?

With this post, the first in a series of past TEDxGreenville presenter updates, we hope to answer questions that we’ve asked a lot and have heard from many of you, So, they shared their idea/performance, what then?  What have they been up to?  Where are they now? We begin with Ian Curcio, who many of