TEDxGreenville 2020: Brain Candy


TEDxGreenville organizers announced the theme and presenter line-up for the rescheduled Friday evening and Saturday morning, November 6-7, 2020 conference. The event showcasing 16 speakers engages attendees through thought-provoking stories, inspiring performances, and demonstrations of groundbreaking new technologies.

The 2020 Conference theme, “Brain Candy,” connects attendees over ideas so good they should be savored and shared.

“The theme describes what happens when a tasty new idea enters your mind and changes everything. How it triggers the reward region of the brain, becoming an explosive, even addictive experience that creates a ripple effect of new ideas and conversations,” says Russell Stall, TEDxGreenville License Holder and Organizer. “TEDxGreenville believes thinking and discussing are inseparable. All great ideas deserve talk time, from the moment they take hold in our minds, to the many ways they alter and expand as we discuss them. We want exciting ideas to take hold and expand throughout Greenville, so that one becomes a hundred. The result is a matrix of individual perspectives strengthened through exchange.”

Patterned after the hugely popular global TED conference (www.TED.com), TEDxGreenville continues to gain momentum year after year by supporting “Ideas worth sharing” during its often sold-out conference that attracts Greenville’s leading thinkers and doers from all backgrounds.

Over the last eleven years, TEDxGreenville has presented almost 75 events featuring over 300 speakers, with over 13 million views of the talks on the YouTube channel.

TEDxGreenville aims to be a catalyst in creating healthy, meaningful conversation in Greenville. The atmosphere is designed to be inspirational, fun, and thought-provoking, while the platform gives life to the most progressive, innovative, and mind-expanding ideas.

Those who make it all possible are the TEDxGreenville presenters: a diverse group that includes business innovators, academics, scientists, performers, and community change agents. Presenters are chosen based on their potential to ignite change and create a shift in thinking within the Upstate.

The 2020 conference presenters, selected from over 300 nominees, include:



“Our goal while choosing the presenters for 2020 was to bring together a group of the most inspirational and fascinating people with a common purpose to ignite change in Greenville,” stated Joey Loman, Curation Team Chair. “This year during the curation process, we put our focus on the feedback from past conferences and selected the lineup of presenters and performers who align with requests made by attendees over the past conferences. Our hope is to capture and reflect the true spirit of the TEDxGreenville experience.”

Tickets go on sale in late September.