TEDxGreenville 2019: UNKNXWN


TEDxGreenville announced the theme and the presenter line up for TEDxGreenville 2019 that was held on March 29, 2019 at ONE Greenville in Downtown Greenville.

The event engaged attendees in moving stories and ideas, jaw-dropping performances, and demonstrations of groundbreaking new technologies under the event’s theme for 2019: UNKNXWN.”

Patterned after the hugely popular global TED conference, TEDxGreenville, the first TEDx event in South Carolina launched in 2010, continues to continue momentum year after year by spreading ideas during its always sold-out conference.

Over the last ten years, TEDxGreenville has presented almost 60 events featuring over 250 speakers, with almost 6 million views of the talks on the YouTube channel.

“TEDxGreenville is a catalyst for the most progressive, most innovative, and most mind-expanding ideas possible, presented in one short day in Greenville. We want to be a vehicle in creating healthy, important conversation in Greenville.” stated Russell Stall, TEDxGreenville License Holder and Organizer. “The atmosphere is inspirational, fun, and thought-provoking, and our goal is that, by the end of the day, our audience is inspired, enlightened, energized… and emotionally and intellectually exhausted.”

At the heart of TEDxGreenville are the event’s presenters: a diverse group that includes business innovators, community activists, scientists, academics, performers, and community change agents. Each of the presenters are chosen based on their potential to spur change and to create a shift in thinking in the Upstate.

“We had over 275 people nominated to speak this year, so the selection process was especially challenging, We were able to curate the most diverse, engaging, and thought-provoking program in our history,” according to this year’s program curator Julian Nixon.

The event leaves attendees surprised, uneasy, impressed, troubled, moved, bemused, and inspired. Every talk and performance is offered in a spirit of growth and camaraderie that's been integral to the TEDxGreenville experience.

“Our goal when choosing presenters is to find interesting, inspirational, energetic, and fascinating people who want to create the Greenville of the future, It is all about presenting the most innovative ideas that Greenville has never seen or heard before,” stated Nixon.

The theme for 2019 was UNKNXWN. According to Nixon, “In celebrating our tenth year, X is the Roman numeral for the number “ten” as well as the mathematical symbol for “the unkown.' In looking at the unknowns in Greenville, we will build a deeper knowledge of things we currently do not know. It is kind of a mind-expanding exercise.”

The 2019 Conference presenters included: