2016 Presenters

On Friday, April 8, TEDxGreenville will bring 23 compelling speakers and performers to downtown Greenville for Kaleidoscope! Offered in a spirit of growth and camaraderie that’s been integral to the TEDxGreenville experience since the organization’s first conference in 2010, the day-long event promises an intellectual and emotional roller coaster that will delight, challenge, question, answer, disrupt, and enlighten.


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Marta Carvalhal

Marta Carvalhal is a licensed independent social worker who has been practicing in clinical social work for 10 years. She specializes in psychiatric disorders such as... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Daniel Cloy

Daniel Cloy has defied tremendous obstacles in his life, and through them gained a unique and powerful mentality. He has learned to bridge drive, technology... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Marlanda Dekine

Marlanda Dekine (a.k.a. Sapient Soul) is a licensed master social worker. She is the Executive Director of Speaking Down Barriers, a nonprofit recreating... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Tanika Dillard

Tanika Dillard is author of “Building a Family Breaks my Heart,” and has written about her own harrowing experiences of loss. She is a parent facilitator for... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Ben Ebel

Ben Ebel works to engage students at engineering and design schools across the country as an ambassador for Michelin North America. He leads the... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

M. Carmela Epright

M. Carmela Epright is a Professor of Philosophy at Furman University where she studies the criminally mentally ill and the justice system, and is known... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Leo Ferguson

Leo Ferguson is a retired systems engineer who has turned his interests toward improving his community. He has developed a model that combines social... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]


Fire-Brown is the founder of the Atlanta-based self-help group Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. A powerful speaker and adovocate for those who have not yet... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Rebecca Heiss

Rebecca Heiss envisions education that centers around testing different passions and ideas as early as high school. She is a "Science Pro" at... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Kenya Jackson-Saulters

Kenya Jackson-Saulters is an author, speaker, and founder of the Outdoor Journal Tour, which uses outdoor adventure, meditation and writing... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson is an influencer, a mother, a wife, and an agent for activism without borders. Megan is woman of deep conviction. She moves past the typical. She... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Matteel Jones

Matteel Jones went from being a non-traditional student at a technical college to becoming the Vice President of Student Services at another. She is an innovative... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Julian E. Nixon

Julian E. Nixon is an Associate Professor, Department Head of Biological Sciences at Greenville Technical College and educational entrepreneur, with a... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Jez Rose

Jez Rose is a psychologist and best-selling author who comes from the United Kingdom. His unique blend of academia, business professionalism, and... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Ame Sanders

Ame Sanders is working towards building a more inclusive South Carolina. She is a former Michelin executive, graduate of Furman Diversity Leader Initiative, and... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

William Schlein

William Schlein is an architect who considers himself a 'healthcare provider,' and a fourth generation healthcare professional. He has a 22-year career working to... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]


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The BattleAxe Band

The BattleAxe Band is the only all-female, old-time string band in the SC Upstate, and continues the musical traditions of this region. They are... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Lindsey Lyla Flower

Lindsey Lyla Flower is a spoken word artist who writes from her soul. She often times looks for her inspiration in the events of the society or she... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Hillary Keane Project

The Hillary Keane Project with Lindsey Keane play an eclectic blend of blues, folk, and pop. Her voice is a melodic overlay that keeps you fully focused... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Opera Noire of New York

Opera Noire of New York (ONNY) is a performing arts company as well as a resource and networking organization. They frequently partner with... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Kevin Spears

Kevin Spears plays the kalimba, a traditional African thumb piano, in a very nontraditional way, using looping and other technology to... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Benjamin Starr

Benjamin Starr (Fitzgerald Wiggins) was nominated this year as one of the top hip-hop artists for 2015 by the national blog Very Smart Brothers. He... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]

Song Aziza Tucker

Song Aziza Tucker is a 16-year-old dance prodigy. She has been performing since age six, and currently attends... [CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO]