Say the name Patrick Cox around the Upstate, and images of beautiful photography come to mind. Whether he’s photographing breathtaking landscapes, capturing the unscripted moments between a bride and groom on their special day, or helping adoptive parents see the softer side of hard-to-place youths, his art evokes a range of emotions and holds your gaze. Caroline Caldwell has come to
“Poetic movement that is fluid and complex!” This is how TEDxGreenville performer and speaker guide, Caroline Caldwell, describes the moving art of the Naina Dewan Dance Company of Greenville, South Carolina. Director Naina Dewan is a storyteller as much as a dancer. Her focus for the company’s performance on the TEDxGreenville stage will be to
Here’s an improbable formula: Mix one part Harry Potter fan with one part Norway native, add a dash of Clemson education and stir gently. Result — Even Skjervold! What, you say? Haven’t heard of him? How about South Yeast Labs? No? Stay tuned. Even is a proud TED talk addict, like so many all over

HeadVROOM Speaker Profile: Tom Heck

Tom Heck wears many hats. As a musician, inventor and teacher of engineering, his most important role is being a proud, active “Geek Dad.” Tom bought his 11-year-old daughter, Liza, the LEGO® Mindstorms kit—a programmable robotics construction set that gives you the power to create and command your own LEGO robots—in order to teach her the fundamentals of engineering. Since then, they have
The chair has its own passport. It even has a publicist. It flew to Washington, D.C., Berlin, London, New York City, Miami and San Francisco. The most famous fame monster of all, Lady Gaga, has played a starring role in spreading the word about Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, the Spartanburg-based artist who designed and created what
With their absolute likable nature and down-to-earth sense of humor, Granville Automatic’s duo of Vanessa Olivarez and Elizabeth Elkins have a way of making you feel like part of the family right from the start. Writing songs drawn from their love of history, horses, and war, they create a heartfelt, visual story. Vanessa explains, “Visual
A true southern belle, Precious Bivings was raised in both Greer and Atlanta and wears many hats. As a mother, life coach, and entrepreneur, she has both education and experience in almost every facet of life. When you stand in her presence, you can feel the uplifting energy surrounding her. She is a powerhouse speaker with a zest for
With a soulful blend of funk, blues, rock and jazz, The Marcus King Band knows how to speak to their audience. “Our music breaks down the awkward barrier, and conveys to people what conversation cannot.” explains Marcus. Growing up with three generations of guitar players — including his father, Marvin King, a veteran touring bluesman
Gen Kelsang Nyema is an American Buddhist nun who believes the gift of happiness truly lies within our own hearts and minds. A resident teacher in the New Kadampa Tradition, Gen Nyema’s aim is to help seekers develop inner peace by offering meditation classes and practical Buddhist advice suitable for busy modern life. When asked about her TEDxGreenville experience, she
Have you heard that Harrison Brookie will emcee this year’s all-day TEDxGreenville conference on April 10th? If you attended the 2014 event, you’ll certainly remember him. A whompin’ eighty-five percent of last year’s audience responding to the post-event survey rated him ‘brilliant.’ Whoa! “Harrison blew everyone away last year,” said Curator Lisa Marie Corley. “He really connected with the audience, presenters, and event
When I found out I was nominated to speak at TEDxGreenville 2014: Unzipped I was absolutely psyched! I watched hundreds of TED talks and never ever saw myself giving one. So when someone else thought, “people should know about you, what you do, and the people you do it for,” I immediately wanted to explore the opportunity.