2015 Presenters

Hang onto your seats for our 2015 conference — HeadVROOM! April 10th will be a day designed to spur growth of all sorts — creative, intellectual, and emotional. Tickets are sold out, but you can watch the livestream!


Emil Alexov

A university physics professor and president of Predicagen LLC, a genetic services startup, Emil's research focuses in part on molecular mechanisms of human diseases associated with DNA variants. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Precious Bivings

Precious is a powerhouse speaker who captivates audiences with thought provoking messages to ignite change. She is a mother, life coach, entrepreneur and founder of Brettani’s Heritage. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

A self-proclaimed “re-inventor,” this Upstate artist spends countless hours searching for materials that others have thrown away… then creates something new and innovative. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Patrick Cox

"I'm a photographer, artist, chef, inventor, floor sweeper, child whisperer, and slave to hot wife," Patrick says. "I'm somewhat domesticated, BUT I never could color inside the lines." (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Tom Heck

This educator, maker, and community organizer brings his passion for engineering, design, and learning to his work at Purdue University in the EPICS K-12 program. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Ivy Hill

Co-founder and program director for Gender Benders, the largest transgender advocacy group in South Carolina, Ivy has been involved in the movement for LGBT equality for over a decade. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Joe Mercaldo

Joe is President of Piedmont Humanists and a member of the Interfaith Forum Board. Originally from Williamsport, PA, he has lived in SC for nearly 10 years. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Scott Neely

A pastoral executive, lecturer and artist whose work fuses writing, painting, and digital media, Scott has led community projects on issues of diversity, race, and religious pluralism. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

JJ Ohlinger

An accomplished painter, JJ has embraced a new medium in recent years as a tattoo artist. “My work,” he says, “is about… discovering the unique identity of the individual.” (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Martha Skinner

Martha, an assistant professor of architecture, studies our built environment using visualization tools that depict the cycles of life to address temporal, social and environmental issues. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Even Skjervold

Armed with degrees in bioengineering and business, Even is an engineer by day while, in his free time, produces custom local yeast strains for craft breweries. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)

Naren Vyavahare

A professor of bioengineering, Naren's current research includes targeted treatments to restore extracellular matrix and tissue function in conditions and disorders such as aortic aneurysms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (CLICK PIC FOR FULL BIO)


Tavis Brunson and Shanita Jackson
Granville Automatic
Emily Kopp
The Marcus King Band
Naina Dewan Dance Company
Ric Standridge with Tavo Ramirez