I was asked to write for TEDx Greenville because I’m not white. Ok, so that’s not the whole truth. I was asked to write for TEDx Greenville because I’m not white, I’m not in my mid to late 30s and I’m not male. This is my third year volunteering and it was an incredibly enlightening
I will admit it. As a part of the TEDxGreenville program team, I had a chance to weigh in on the theme options for 2014’s conference, and at first I was not on board with Unzipped.  Unzipped wasn’t my favorite because I just didn’t think the idea behind the theme would translate. I guess I
TEDxGreenville Interactive Team member, Adam Gautsch, shares his impressions of April 11th, our 5th TEDxGreenville all-day event. From his perspective, viewing all of the talks and performances with other team members and all of the volunteers in the interactive space, the impact was surprisingly as powerful as if they’d all been in the theatre. That
As a former TEDxGreenville speaker, it was with great excitement I had the pleasure of attending TEDxGreenville 2014; a day worthy of its theme, Unzipped! A conference, and a movement at large, grounded in expanding perspectives and challenging preconceptions, this event showcased upstate individuals who were prepared to bare all. This honesty demanded the same

A Village Of Volunteers

Without the wonderful work and commitment of volunteers on the day of TEDxGreenville, we would struggle to produce an event of this magnitude. By the day our inspirational talks and performances are on stage, the team members who’ve worked for 8-10 months to raise the funds, build the stage, marketing, interactive projects and content for
Today we hear from new Greenville resident and veteran TEDxGreenville volunteer, Ann Marquette, who has attended every TEDxGreenville, since 2010, the first TEDx anywhere in South Carolina!   This is a mind, heart, spirit expanding event every year.  I truly enjoy being a small part of it as a volunteer. The alarm went off at
For those who’ve been having TEDxGreenville withdrawal, we begin a series of impressions of our Unzipped event, all written by people from the TEDxGreenville community who worked on or attended the event on April 11. We begin with a juicy post by one of our co-founders, Marc Bolick, who found that every presentation in this