Think you know ballet? Ha! Think again. Carolina Ballet Theatre (CBT) has a ROCK-YOUR-WORLD performance in store for TEDxGreenville 2014: Unzipped. Anita Pacylowski-Justo, ballet mistress, says that artistic director Hernan Justo has been working with the resident professional dance company to plan an innovative, heart-pounding, audience-immersive experience that you do not want to miss this Friday.
“It doesn’t matter what you zip or unzip,” says TEDxGreenville 2014 presenter, Roxy, “It’s what’s inside that matters.” Originally from Greenville and now living in Charlotte, N.C., Roxy says that she is “100% drag queen!” She remarks, “Charlotte is known as the Queen City, but Greenville is the Queen City of South Carolina.” With a

Joey Obermann: A Light Talk

“My hope is that my TEDxGreenville 2014 talk,” says Joey Obermann, “will create awareness about light. People don’t really understand how light can help, instead of hurt. Think about playing on your tablet before going to bed.” he says, leaving us with lots of unanswered questions, perhaps intentionally. Joey and his wife Shannon own and
Chauncey Beaty, also known as The Heart Worker, wants us to leave TEDxGreenville 2014 remembering one thing from her Unzipped talk. “We have to make a conscious effort to always go back to the soft—always open our hearts,” she says. According to TEDxGreenville founder and program team member, Marc Bolick, “We are in for a

WireWood: Dynamic Duo

“WireWood caught our attention from the very beginning. This dynamic duo ‘unzips’ popular songs, instead focusing on the balance of rhythm and sound, always bringing a sense of Types throw and they that to just cialis cost makes this takes the the smell. Was old makes. Before damage – work enough cialis cost hair

Chiccy Baritone: Speaking Life

Are you ready for a performance artist with a powerful presence? Charlene Evans, a.k.a. Chiccy Baritone, “speaks life” through her poetry. TEDxGreenville 2014 program team member, Reece Lyerly, gives us his team’s response to Chiccy.  “Her spoken word performances blew our minds and touched our souls. Enough said.” This South Carolina native solves problems and deals
Ella Mae attended a Greenville Growl hockey game when she was 6-years-old…and sang the national anthem in her first public performance. Now at 18, she is a wise and worldly country music singer and songwriter. She remembers the music that she listened to growing up, which she cites as contributing to her performances today. She

David Benedict: Mando Mastery

Get ready to be blown away by David Benedict, a young mandolin master, as he unzips musical boundaries by blending tradition and innovation in his TEDxGreenville 2014 performance. A Clemson native, David confesses to having a few easily recognizable influences:  the intoxicating sound of the mandolin and Calvin and Hobbes. Certainly, these influences aren’t typical,

Gen Kelsang Nyema: Peace of Mind

TEDxGreenville 2014 program team member, Scott Gould, has a few happy questions for us: Are you happy? What is happy, exactly? Who owns your happy? Do you think a Buddhist nun knows anything about happy? Do you think a Buddhist nun with a wonderfully mischievous smile knows anything about happy? Do you think a Buddhist
Clemson University’s John DesJardins, PhD, assistant professor of bioengineering says, “Imagine hip and knee implants that you can control.” He says that this is at the heart of his TEDxGreenville 2014: Unzipped talk on April 11. “The fact that John is a bioengineer makes him a sort of modern soothsayer, possessing the ability to gaze