TEDxGreenville 2014 curator Lisa Corley is excited. “Can you believe that the inventor of the optical touch screen lives in Upstate South Carolina?” she asks. In his talk, Paul will unzip innovations in human/computer interface… you know, the way we walk and talk and play and communicate using our smart phones and tablets and laptops
At last night’s TEDxGreenville salon, a preview party for TEDxGreenville 2014: Unzipped, Harrison Brookie was introduced as the emcee for this year’s April 11th all-day conference. Harrison may be familiar to many as the ring leader of an improv group that’s become quite popular in the last couple of years. Actually, rather than a ring
During last year’s TEDxGreenville I stood next to a woman scanning her first ever QR code. It was for a mobile game invented for the event. She wasn’t the most tech savvy and was having a bit of a time getting things to go. After a minute or so of different attempts, her friend suggested
“Hello, my name is Maxim and my talk is going to be about how much I hate the Golden Rule” That’s how this dear friend of Greenville started his TEDx talk in our inaugural event back in 2010. It was our first ever TEDx event in Greenville, and the atmosphere there at the CU-ICAR theatre
I was born with a familial tremor, that very mild hand-shaking you see when you’re holding a glass of red wine and standing on white carpet. It gets worse with age.  Once I could hide it, but now I’ve come to accept it and I approach it head-on with new people, explaining it with a