One of the most memorable performances in recent TEDxGreenville history came from a group of students from the Greenville Fine Arts Center. The classical music quintet performed the Scherzo from the Piano Quintet in A Major (The Trout) by Franz Schubert at TEDxGreenville 2011. These were not just your average students, as was easily apparent
I am TimTv.  Today I’m writing to you from my treehouse to tell you about Eustace Conway.  His life, far outside the contemporary Westerner’s experience, has been a living experiment of a natural alternative to modern society.  Every minute of his talk from TEDx Asheville had something that rang true from my own history; from

Glenis Redmond: Where Is She Now?

Following her 2012 TEDxGreenville talk, nationally renowned poet, Glenis Redmond, was selected as The Peace Center’s Poet-in-Residence, a position designed to focus on using poetry to engage Greenville citizens in creative expression. One of her first projects was Peace Voices: The literary and performance poetry branch of The Peace Center’s Peace Outreach Program. The mission
Ever look at an accomplished person who has been responsible for amazing modern feats like leading world-class organizations, patenting dozens of ideas, or even just conducting their lives with amazing clarity, focus, and intention? Ever wonder how they do it, what makes them so special? I can’t claim it’s a universal practice among all overachievers,