Interesting idea, right? At TEDxGlobal 2013, political theorist Benjamin Barber suggested that if mayors can do so well solving problems at home, why not give them the world! His talk is called Why Mayors Should Rule the World. At our December 17, 2013, Salon: Encore!, Greenville’s longest running mayor, Knox White, did an encore of
David Holt is an amazing musician.  I’ve seen him perform live many times, including beside one of our lost musical treasures, Doc Watson.  David is part musician, part comic and part story-teller, keeping alive the music that The Grammy Awards and other mainstream music outlets cannot begin to support.  He tells the stories and sings
How about combining Walt Disney’s philosophy for creating memorable experiences with educational objectives and putting it all in today’s classrooms? Sounds like a classroom that we’d all love to visit, doesn’t it? In his encore TEDxGreenville 2013 talk, Imagineering Education, Thomas Riddle shares his idea of how to begin making this a reality. A veteran
It was 2011, and I was invited to attend an intriguing event called TEDxGreenville. I was somewhat familiar with TED talks online but had never experienced them live. I found myself taking a full dive into the magic that the harmony of ideas, images, and the energy bubbling in the audience created. The slate of
“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”  –Ron Finley. In his 2013 TED talk, A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA, this ordinary guy did an ordinary thing, he took ACTION.  He saw a problem and found a solution, and then he took action to plant a garden in front of his
The year was 1972 and I moved to Greenville and found a little gem of a jazz club named Art Ark. It was on Marquette just off Academy. It was owned and operated by two brothers, one the host and bartender, the other the cook. This club was way ahead of its time: It had
A wonderful letter to the editor was posted in The Greenville News last week. In this letter, Susan Stall, a concerned Greenville citizen, shares her observations around the need to assist and offer opportunities to the poorer or even homeless citizens of Greenville. We know that while we are moved to give to others less

Max Strom: Where Is He Now?

It’s been over three years now since I first heard of Max Strom. At the time he was just another TEDx nominee that came in via the web. We did our due diligence, speaking to the nominator (bravo, Victor Chen!) and watching what online videos of him were available at that time. These initial inputs
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