Caleb Suttles: Where Is He Now?

I presented at TEDxGreenville 2012, speaking about my debut feature length film Pre-Do: Foresight in 20/20. The day’s theme was ‘breakthrough’ and, appropriately, my talk recounted the lessons I had learned from interviewing senior citizens about their regrets for the film, and my commitment to avoid regret and fulfill my aspirations in my own life.

Marsha Wallace: Where Is She Now?

You may remember me from TEDxGreenville 2011.  It was an honor to speak about my passion, The Power of Collective Action, as realized through my story of starting a non-profit, Dining For Women.  You may even have wondered, so what is she up to?  Where is she now? In 2011, Dining for Women (DFW) had about

Let’s Talk About…Droid Buzz

With all the current buzz about the potential of using drones to deliver our packages, we thought you might enjoy this relevant TED talk about droid technology (from TEDxBoston). The presenter refers to IBM’s Watson mid-way through the talk. You may remember that Jim De Piante, an executive project manager with IBM, spoke about
The world is mourning the loss of a great man–a once-in-a-lifetime man–and the world is remembering his thoughts, his work and his inspiring empathy and kindness.  We celebrate the life of a remarkable man through the sharing of a 2012 TEDxEutropolis talk delivered on Mandela’s 93rd birthday by his friend, professor David Venter, director of

Ian Curcio: Where is he now?

With this post, the first in a series of past TEDxGreenville presenter updates, we hope to answer questions that we’ve asked a lot and have heard from many of you, So, they shared their idea/performance, what then?  What have they been up to?  Where are they now? We begin with Ian Curcio, who many of